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UCLA Study Finds Laughter in 65 Species, from Rats to Cows (www.openculture.com)
Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Brain-Computer-Interface to Measure Biosignals (arxiv.org)
noDRM's GitHub repo DeDRM_tools is disabled due to Readium's DMCA notice (github.com/github)
Merchant Service Horror: Amazon Pay and the Disappearing $2300 (www.bigmessowires.com)
Bob Saget has died (www.news4jax.com)
See how DMARC, SPF, and DKIM work interactively (www.learndmarc.com)
Ethereum co-founder recorded explaining how to “disguise” ICO ETH purchases (twitter.com/Leerzeit)
The vicious cycle of food and sleep (knowablemagazine.org)
Command Line Video Player (github.com/mpv-player)
CalyxOS now supports Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (calyxos.org)
Reddit ‘antiwork’ forum booms as millions of Americans quit jobs (www.ft.com)
Show HN: Keyboard Drill – Minimalist Typing Drill to fix common mistakes (keyboard-drill.com)
Cryptoland [video] (peertube.social)
Let's Settle This (neal.fun)
RSS feeds are available for many U.S. Government collections (www.govinfo.gov)
awkcc: awk-to-C transcompiler (1988, 2011) (github.com/nokia)
Astronomers Witness a Dying Star Reach Its Explosive End (keckobservatory.org)
Iconoir – An Open-Source SVG Icons Library (iconoir.com)
Facebook hands over private chats to US police, even sans warrant (2020) (onezero.medium.com)
Oh, 2022 (www.antipope.org)
Procedural Worlds from Simple Tiles (ijdykeman.github.io)
SSH Agent Restriction (new in OpenSSH 8.9) (www.openssh.com)
Macrochips: A collection of laser engraved, 4 inch slate tile microchip coasters (www.evilgeniuslabs.org)
Serotonin selectively influences moral judgment and behavior (www.pnas.org)
Alcohol should have cancer warnings, say researchers pushing to raise awareness (www.cbc.ca)
Show HN: Evil Wordle (swag.github.io)
FD 100 (susam.net)
Ask HN: Is ProductHunt Worth It?
Far-UVC light: A tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial (www.nature.com)
Ask HN: How do you start contracting?
Ask HN: How do I get over constant failure?
Dev corrupts NPM libs 'colors' and 'faker', breaking thousands of apps (www.bleepingcomputer.com)
The Charles Mingus CAT-alog (1972) (www.charlesmingus.com)
I feel dumb(er) when typing, and smart(er) when writing
JWST User Documentation (jwst-docs.stsci.edu)
Upwork asking me for a $12.5k refund as the client was using someone else’s card (alanany.com)
Adversarial Wordle (qntm.org)
Show HN: API to query catalogs of 20 streaming services across 60 countries (www.movieofthenight.com)
Simplicity of IRC (susam.net)
The James Webb Space Telescope – making 300 points of failure reliable (flyingbarron.medium.com)
Forced to sell chipless ink cartridges, Canon tells customers how to bypass DRM (boingboing.net)
Donald Knuth – The Patron Saint of Yak Shaves (2017) (yakshav.es)
Bulgaria Freelance Taxes: Detailed Breakdown (dmitryfrank.com)
FX: An interactive alternative to jq to process JSON (github.com/antonmedv)
Literate programming: Knuth is doing it wrong (2014) (akkartik.name)
Re: Moxie on Web3 (blog.plan99.net)
On Web3 Infrastructure (mirror.xyz)
The Rise of Performative Work (www.economist.com)
Match Group file multiple lawsuits after repeated failed acquisition offer (muzmatch.com)
Explaining to my parents what I do (www.neelsomani.com)
Youth suicide attempts soared during pandemic, CDC report says (www.nbcnews.com)
Pluton is not currently a threat to software freedom (mjg59.dreamwidth.org)
Drones used by farmers could be spying (taipeitimes.com)
John Deere unveils fully autonomous 8R tractor (www.agriculture.com)
Tips for a Healthier Postgres Database (blog.crunchydata.com)
Do climate models predict extreme weather? (backreaction.blogspot.com)
Elasticlunr, a full-text search library for Elixir (atandarash.me)
Lessons learned from migrating a native iOS app to Flutter (betterprogramming.pub)
Johann Hari’s Stolen Ideas (unherd.com)
Proposed bill in New Hampshire would enshrine free software into law (libreboot.org)
Approved Cameras (partnerhelp.netflixstudios.com)
Some people want to run their own servers (staltz.com)
Sketch: A Common Lisp environment for the creation of electronic art (github.com/vydd)
Turkmenistan's leader wants 'Gates of Hell' fire put out (www.npr.org)
Land of Lisp (2010) (landoflisp.com)
Hashing is not encryption (eric.mann.blog)
Systemd, 10 years later (2020) (blog.darknedgy.net)
Technical Analysis of an Office RCE Exploit (billdemirkapi.me)
Xiaomi cellphones can censor searches: NCC (taipeitimes.com)
Ask HN: Are We in a Bubble?
IRC technology news from the second half of 2021 (www.ilmarilauhakangas.fi)
James Webb is fully deployed (www.nasa.gov)
Bevy game engine 0.6 (bevyengine.org)
500M Avira antivirus users introduced to cryptomining (krebsonsecurity.com)
Is Bitcoin Down or Just Me? (www.isbitcoindownorjustme.com)
Mouseable: Replace a mouse or trackpad with the keyboard (github.com/wirekang)
A neural network solves and generates mathematics problems by program synthesis (arxiv.org)
Sending messages as I drift off to sleep (davidbieber.com)
JWST Completely and Successfully Unfolded (twitter.com/NASA)
Tesla's Next-Generation Model Y Chassis (blog.onlyusedtesla.com)
Avoid Meaningless Binary Labels (bobbiechen.com)
T-Shaped People and Academia (bastian.rieck.me)
Edible plants that grow in the shade (www.onegreenplanet.org)
DuckDuckGo Traffic (duckduckgo.com)
Ask HN: Is anyone working on “downloading” knowledge to the brain?
Death Clock (thedeathclock.co)
Why do 70% of families lose their wealth in the 2nd generation? (2018) (www.nasdaq.com)
France opens terror investigation after Dakar rally vehicle is hit by blast (www.rfi.fr)
Show HN: BookStack – An open source wiki platform and alternative to Confluence (www.bookstackapp.com)
Bashforth: A Forth interpreter, written as bash script (github.com/Bushmills)
Toyota to remanufacture cars up to three times in UK (www.autocar.co.uk)
Stories Are Coming to Signal (github.com/signalapp)
The Wall: Geostationary satellites near-real-time animations (earth2day.com)
How to read research paper, textbook, long text content?
Why Apple’s iMessage is winning: teens dread the green text bubble (www.wsj.com)
Proposal to add build graph output to GNU Make (jonasdn.blogspot.com)
Canon is telling customers how to override counterfeit cartridge warnings (twitter.com/naderman)
Open-source tests of web browser privacy (privacytests.org)
Practical Common Lisp (2005) (gigamonkeys.com)
Tell HN: Full macOS reinstall because Apple ID
Forty percent of the world’s shipping consists of fossil fuels to be burned (billmckibben.substack.com)
MiniVM: A zero-dependency cross-language runtime on par with LuaJIT and C (github.com/FastVM)
I am a New York City public high school student. The situation is beyond control (reddit.com)
Log4Shell Vulnerabilities in VMware Horizon Targeted to Install Web Shells (digital.nhs.uk)
Implementing a quantum computer emulator in SQL (explainextended.com)
In Response to My first impressions of Web3 (skerritt.blog)
Gnu taler a privacy friendly payment system (taler.net)
Saving a Third of Our Memory by Re-Ordering Go Struct Fields (wagslane.dev)
How to make quitting your addiction easier (www.deprocrastination.co)
Documenting APIs (idratherbewriting.com)
UUIDs are popular, but bad for performance (2019) (www.percona.com)
Imap-backup: Backup Gmail or other IMAP accounts to disk (github.com/joeyates)
Make the internet yours again with an instant mesh network (changelog.complete.org)
School closures led to more sleep and better quality of life for adolescents (www.media.uzh.ch)
Music Tuned to 440 Hz versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects (www.sciencedirect.com)
Where is every IP Address? (tech.marksblogg.com)
My Experience as a SWE Intern at Goldman Sachs (www.lremes.com)
The Importance Trap (brianlui.dog)
Hyrum's Law (www.hyrumslaw.com)
Web 3 Doesn't Exist (cobie.substack.com)
The Hacker's Diet (www.fourmilab.ch)
Give me /events, not webhooks (blog.sequin.io)
My 70 year old mother has been using Linux on the desktop for the past 21 years (www.unixsheikh.com)
Fixing the Unfixable: Story of a Google Cloud SSRF (bugs.xdavidhu.me)
Venmo, PayPal, Cash App must report payments of $600 or more to IRS (www.wftv.com)
A routine gem update ended up creating $73k worth of subscriptions (serpapi.com)
Nvidia tool generates full 3D models from a single still image (blogs.nvidia.com)
Tech CEO pleads to wire fraud in IP address scheme (krebsonsecurity.com)
Gambler’s Fallacy and the Regression to the Mean (theness.com)
Why aren't the most useful Mac apps on the App Store? (alinpanaitiu.com)
Why “process substitution” is a late feature in Unix shells (utcc.utoronto.ca)
My First Impressions of Web3 (moxie.org)
The economic consequences of major tax cuts for the rich (academic.oup.com)
How to acquire 1,024 public IPv4 addresses which are worth $60K for $500 (twitter.com/_rchase_)
Sugar not so nice for your child’s brain development (news.uga.edu)
Launch HN: Homestead (YC W20) – Lot-splitting to build new housing supply
California Considers Doubling Its Taxes (taxfoundation.org)
A K8s-based game where you seek out and destroy pods in a shootem' up style (github.com/Shogan)
Loopy Pro (loopypro.com)
Unidentified PC DOS 1.1 Boot Sector Junk Identified (www.os2museum.com)
BNPLs: Businesses Needing Provided Legibility (bam.kalzumeus.com)
Judge orders FDA to hasten FOIA release of Pfizer vaccine docs (www.reuters.com)
Drop a raindrop anywhere in the world and watch where it ends up (river-runner-global.samlearner.com)
Ruling party figures say Poland has Pegasus spyware (www.reuters.com)
Kazakh president gives shoot-to-kill order to quell protests (www.reuters.com)
5% of 666 Python repos had comma typo bugs (inc V8, TensorFlow and PyTorch) (codereviewdoctor.medium.com)
Show HN: Radar Chat – Geolocation based communication (app.radar.chat)
Folly: An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook (github.com/facebook)
Routing History of AS15562 (2017) (stat.ripe.net)
My work routine: plan, do, learn loops (www.indiehackers.com)
Gas Pump Golf (gaspumpgolf.github.io)
Google home speakers are about to get slightly worse because Sonos sued and won (www.theverge.com)
Memories of the “Sneakers” Shoot (2012) (web.archive.org)
Look How Big Is My Team (nicolasbustamante.substack.com)
Random number generator updates for Linux 5.17 (lore.kernel.org)
Urea prices increase 270% in 1 year (www.indexmundi.com)
Sidney Poitier has died (www.theguardian.com)
A public letter to CloudFlare to fix their snoopy vendor (github.com/captn3m0)
Modeling Uncertainty with PyTorch (romainstrock.com)
Antenna Theory (www.antenna-theory.com)
Key M1 Mac Engineer Departs Apple for Intel (www.macrumors.com)
Ask HN: Why does Cloudflare/hCaptcha care so much about buses, boats and trains?
Bitcoin Sinks to $41,000 Amid ‘Extreme Fear’ (www.forbes.com)
Update on fire incident at ASML Berlin (www.asml.com)
Show HN: Minimator, a Minimalist Graphical Editor (minimator.app)
What a Shipwreck’s Tree Rings Reveal (www.sapiens.org)
In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm (2014) [pdf] (pdos.csail.mit.edu)
Commodore 900: Unix-like workstation/server that was eclipsed by Amiga (2020) (vintagecomputer.ca)
A/B test improved your website's conversion rate? Not so fast (blog.alexandervolkmann.com)
Intel completely disables AVX-512 on Alder Lake after all (www.igorslab.de)
Brian Kernighan's Home Page (www.cs.princeton.edu)
UxPlay: AirPlay Unix mirroring server (github.com/antimof)
Computers as I used to love them (tonsky.me)
Vim prank: alias vim='vim -y' (learnbyexample.github.io)
Dangerous humid heat extremes occurring decades before expected (2020) (research.noaa.gov)
Marak's GitHub account suspended after he erased his faker project (twitter.com/marak)
A circuit-level redesign of the Game Boy Advance (github.com/Zekfoo)
Show HN: I'm 15 and building a live quiz app for classrooms: Quickz (quickz.org)
Study: 1960 ramjet design for interstellar travel—a sci-fi staple—is unfeasible (arstechnica.com)
Worst practices should be hard (2016) (www.haskellforall.com)
BumbleBee: Run and distribute eBPF programs using OCI images (github.com/solo-io)
Notational Intelligence (thesephist.com)
A curated list of warez and piracy links (github.com/Igglybuff)
Pentagon and CIA shaped thousands of Hollywood movies into effective propaganda (worldbeyondwar.org)
Kagi: A Premium Search Engine (kagi.com)
Filling in some gaps in the story of Space Cadet Pinball on 64-bit Windows (devblogs.microsoft.com)
Norway Is the Only Country with Public Tax Returns (2018) (theculturetrip.com)
WhatsApp just downloaded 12k photos of other people's information on my phone (old.reddit.com)
Toshiba T1100 – the laptop that was named a milestone of electronic engineering (medium.com/geekculture)
Notes from the End of a Long Life (www.nytimes.com)
Tell HN: Salary data is for sale
It's not what programming languages do, it's what they shepherd you to (2020) (nibblestew.blogspot.com)
Celebrity fascination tied to lower intelligence (bmcpsychology.biomedcentral.com)
My favorite liar (2009) (zenmoments.org)
Fortran is easy to learn (craftofcoding.wordpress.com)
Ultraconserved words point to deep language ancestry across Eurasia (2013) (www.pnas.org)
Hollowed-Out, 4k-Year-Old Tree Trunk Coffin Discovered (2021) (www.smithsonianmag.com)
Open-sourcing the Sorbet VS Code Extension (sorbet.org)
GitHub Projects – Customizable, flexible tool for planning and tracking work (docs.github.com)
The ITC declares Google infringed on audio tech patents held by Sonos [pdf] (www.usitc.gov)
The dirty work of cleaning online reputations (thewalrus.ca)
Deep learning can’t be trusted, brain modelling pioneer says (spectrum.ieee.org)
Ask HN: My boss doesn't think I'm doing good work, how to proceed?
Quit Your Job (palladiummag.com)
Sonoma County farm strikes black truffle gold after 9 years of waiting (www.latimes.com)
Brave Passes 50M Monthly Active User (brave.com)
How to quit like a boss (jmsbrdy.com)
SQLite 3.37.2 fixes potentially database corruption bug
Gitea Is Joining the Fediverse (social.gitea.io)
Bitcoin network power slumps as Kazakhstan crackdown hits crypto miners (www.reuters.com)
Autistic people challenge preconceived ideas about rationality (psyche.co)
CDC reports increase in human rabies cases linked to bats in the U.S. (www.cdc.gov)
Beej's Guide to Unix IPC (2015) (beej.us)
Harmful Defaults in Django (confuzeus.com)
Paxos (martinfowler.com)
Optimizing Docker image size and why it matters (contains.dev)
Peter Bogdanovich has died (www.hollywoodreporter.com)
Show HN: 3D map of shade around the world (shademap.app)
Are you building features for phishers? (bradleyjkemp.dev)
Tips to grow your North Korean Startup (mrsteinberg.com)
Keyboard lets people type so fast it’s banned from typing competitions (www.vice.com)
Farmers facing fertiliser sticker shock may cut use (www.reuters.com)
Mozilla Foundation pausing cryptocurrency donations (twitter.com/mozilla)
Ask HN: Twilio suspended account because someone sent us a fraud text
Norton 360 Now Comes with a Cryptominer (krebsonsecurity.com)
Illegal movie streaming service Popcorn Time shuts down (www.engadget.com)
Swiss army restricts use of messenger apps for military purposes (www.swissinfo.ch)
New York City will make it mandatory for companies to post salaries on job ads (www.forbes.com)
Word Embeddings Explained (lena-voita.github.io)
Ask HN: Who wants to help promote RSS?
Launch HN: ContainIQ (YC S21) – Kubernetes Native Monitoring with eBPF
Chatbots: Still dumb after all these years (mindmatters.ai)
Zero-downtime schema migrations in Postgres using Reshape (fabianlindfors.se)
DuckDB Time Zones: Supporting Calendar Extensions (duckdb.org)
Ask HN: Would you pass an interview for your current position?
Raspberry Pi Boot to BASIC (popey.com)
Ask HN: How do you have fun without alcohol?
Benchmarking CRuby, MJIT, YJIT, JRuby, and TruffleRuby (eregon.me)
Yet Another Roguelike Tutorial (rogueliketutorials.com)
KiCad 6 (www.revk.uk)
What is the point of imagining new technologies without new ways of living? (reallifemag.com)
Unix in the Browser Tab (browsix.org)
Elixir and Machine Learning: Nx v0.1 released (dashbit.co)
What makes EDI so hard? (www.stedi.com)
OpenBSD Webzine Issue #6 (webzine.puffy.cafe)
Ideas Want to Be Shared (kk.org)
What the world will be like in a hundred years (1922) (www.loc.gov)
Understanding Lego Part Numbers (brickset.com)
E.O. Wilson saw the world in a new way (nautil.us)
“I am literally losing sleep” over Java (1996) (twitter.com/TechEmails)
Memory leaks: the forgotten side of web performance (nolanlawson.com)
The late rloew (Rudolph R. Loew) – Windows 9x hacker and phone phreaker (www.rloewelectronics.com)
JPEG: Image Compression Algorithm (2017) (pi.math.cornell.edu)
Drone carrying a defibrillator saves its first heart attack patient in Sweden (www.theverge.com)
Google fined €150M, Facebook €60M for for non-compliance with French legislation (www.cnil.fr)
Paxos (martinfowler.com)
Russia sends troops to Kazakhstan to put down deadly uprising (www.reuters.com)
Omicron at 100% Prevalence, Colorado (covid19.colorado.gov)
Washed Up (infrequently.org)
Longform.org is shutting down its article recommendations service (longform.org)
Nude pictures on early retro PCs – was it possible? (dmitryelj.medium.com)
Clocks in Honda cars getting stuck at a certain time in 2002 (jalopnik.com)
Mozilla's call for cryptocurrency donations angers founder (www.theregister.com)
Crypto: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (seldo.com)
Procrastinatory Doom Loops (brennancolberg.com)
The cruel, ridiculous reality of 'virtual learning' (www.macleans.ca)
YK22 bug causing Honda clocks to stop working (www.crvownersclub.com)
Seattle police faked radio chatter about Proud Boys during 2020 protests (www.seattletimes.com)
IPv6-ghost-ship: Using TOTP as part of an AWS EC2 IPv6 address (github.com/aidansteele)
Brussels Airlines makes 3,000 unnecessary flights to maintain airport slots (www.thebulletin.be)
Drug ring hid $1B worth of coke on a single ship (www.freightwaves.com)
Staggering stat: 87% of U.S. teenagers have iPhones (www.axios.com)
Inviting another GitHub user to be your successor (docs.github.com)
Facebook collecting people's data even when accounts are deactivated (digiday.com)
Minecraft as a Kubernetes admin tool (eric-jadi.medium.com)
You Don't Need a Mentor–Find a Nemesis Instead (tedgioia.substack.com)
Restricting SSH Agent Keys (lwn.net)
We handle 80TB and 5M page views a month for under $400 (blog.polyhaven.com)
“I just got *another* copyright claim for TYPING ON MY KEYBOARD!” (twitter.com/marcan42)
Balabhadra Graveley – application for arrest warrant – assault strangulation (drive.google.com)
Beating the tradeoff between developer velocity and scalability (tomlinford.com)
Best Pens for 2022: Gel, Ballpoint, Rollerball, and Fountain Pens (www.jetpens.com)
Asus will release a 17“ foldable OLED laptop (www.theverge.com)
I analyzed 20k recommendations made by Jim Cramer during the last 5 years (old.reddit.com)
QR code scammers hitting on-street parking in Texas cities (www.click2houston.com)
I Miss RSS (www.wilcosky.com)
PSA: If you want to know why a company rejected you, send them a GDPR request (old.reddit.com)
History of energy consumption in the United States, 1775–2009 (2011) (www.eia.gov)
Stars may form 10 times faster than thought (www.science.org)
I found a one-char typo in the docs for Python's typing_extensions library (twitter.com/PredragGruevski)
Darling – Run Mac apps on Linux (www.darlinghq.org)
I took a job at Amazon, only to leave after 10 months (benadam.me)
Julia frameworks to create desktop GUIs and web apps (logankilpatrick.medium.com)
Google manipulating browser extensions to stifle competitors, DDG CEO says (www.washingtonpost.com)
Best Practices for Securing SSH (goteleport.com)
Why might you run your own DNS server? (jvns.ca)
Simple Dungeon Map Generation (smoldungeon.com)
We're two middle school teachers learning and teaching Python [audio] (www.teachingpython.fm)
Show HN: Bel in Clojure (stopa.io)
How I took my SaaS from idea to sold in 14 months (masilotti.com)
Kazakh president’s home ablaze as protests escalate (apnews.com)
Three ways of handling user input (dubroy.com)
A record 4.5M workers quit their jobs in November (www.axios.com)
BlackBerry held the tiny keys to my heart (www.bbc.com)
An Injection of Chaos Solves Decades-Old Fluid Mystery (www.quantamagazine.org)
Problems once solved by a metaclass can be solved by __init_subclass__ (til.simonwillison.net)
‘I felt powerless – so I started filming’: CyclingMikey vs. dangerous drivers (www.theguardian.com)
Songdata (songdata.io)
Do Not Log (sobolevn.me)
How to design a house to last 1000 years (constructionphysics.substack.com)
Browser-Vite – Vite in the Browser (divriots.com)
Flatten Arrays in Vanilla JavaScript with Flat() and FlatMap() (www.wisdomgeek.com)
Launch HN: Gravitl (YC W22) – VPN Platform Based on WireGuard
Minitorch: Implement the Torch API from Scratch, from Cornell Tech (minitorch.github.io)
Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy resolves long covid in 24 patients (www.researchgate.net)
Should you use Let's Encrypt for internal hostnames? (shkspr.mobi)
The Last Wild Lions of Europe (www.sapiens.org)
Linuxgems – A succinct cheat sheet for newbie Linux coders and sysadmins (github.com/kevinthew)
Internet disrupted in Kazakhstan amid energy price protests (netblocks.org)
ISS Docking Simulator (iss-sim.spacex.com)
Kosovo bans cryptocurrency mining to save electricity (www.reuters.com)
Airbnb's experiment in combatting rental bias means swapping names for initials (www.npr.org)
Anarchists making their own medicine (2018) (www.vice.com)
Know how your org works, or how to become a more effective engineer (copyconstruct.medium.com)
Psychogenic death, the phenomenon of “thinking” yourself to death (www.salon.com)
Tauri – Electron alternative written in Rust (tauri.studio)
Wave Function Collapse library in pure C (github.com/krychu)
Framework Laptop with Ubuntu Review (luisartola.com)
My Evaluation of SvelteKit for Full-Stack Web App Development (cprimozic.net)
Lawsuit filed alleging Google is paying Apple to stay out of the search business (www.prnewswire.com)
What Would Feynman Do? (2011) (ericlippert.com)
TSMC’s Arizona Culture Clash (www.eetimes.com)
Show HN: WordLines – A zero-knowledge proof-based blockchain puzzle game (github.com/nalinbhardwaj)
The redacted lawsuit: Solarwinds board of directors sued by shareholders (github.com/jaybobo)
Leetcode has taught me that I'm a bad engineer
Show HN: I make $3K/mo from a browser extension (newsletter.tonydinh.com)
Japanese game developer hasn't left the house in 10 years (www.thegamer.com)
Utah tech executive resigns after anti-semitic email rant (www.fox13now.com)
Intel claims new i9 is faster than M1 Max (www.intc.com)
Where have you gone, Peter Norton? (2014) (www.technologizer.com)
Updated MinIO NVMe Benchmarks: 2.6Tpbs on Get and 1.6 on Put (blog.min.io)
The weight of the clipboard (kinduff.com)
FAQ: Norton Crypto (community.norton.com)
The Pragmatic Pragmatic Programmer (rchaves.app)
No Way to Grow Up (www.nytimes.com)
Archaeological dig reignites debate over the Old Testament’s historical accuracy (www.smithsonianmag.com)
Ask HN: How to continue to be gracious about the good fortune of rich friends?
Dark Crystal (darkcrystal.pw)
A neuroscientist prepares for death (www.theatlantic.com)
The V Programming Language Simple, fast, safe, compiled (vlang.io)
Why Restaurants Are So Fucked – Part II (joelleparenteau.medium.com)
Sources: OpenSea Eyes $13B Valuation (www.newcomer.co)
The UX on this small child is terrible (www.mcsweeneys.net)
Leave Scrum to rugby, I like getting stuff done (2020) (wagslane.dev)
Study finds no detrimental effects of psilocybin in 10mg or 25mg dose (www.kcl.ac.uk)
Upgrading Executable on the Fly (nginx.org)
The Antikythera mechanism reveals new secrets (www.scientificamerican.com)
DIY Onewheel – open-source self balancing skateboard (www.bytesizedengineering.com)
Real Problems That Web3 Solves, Part 1 (billprin.com)
A First Lesson in Econometrics (1970) [pdf] (www.uibk.ac.at)
How do I open the Mercedes EQS’s hood? (tiremeetsroad.com)
Neural network from scratch (sirupsen.com)
IQ decline and Piaget: Does the rot start at the top? [pdf] (www.gwern.net)
A deleted subplot from “The Matrix” contradicts its sequels (textualvariations.substack.com)
Iceraven – Firefox for Android fork with more add-ons and configuration options (github.com/fork-maintainers)
Norton is installing a Cryptocurrency miner called Norton Crypto (NCrypt.exe) (twitter.com/mAxius)
Burn My Windows (github.com/Schneegans)
Show HN: OnlyRecipe.app – Remove clutter from recipe sites (showcase.onlyrecipe.app)
(Unofficial) Insider guide to tech interviews (bartwronski.com)
Motorists have been stranded on a major interstate in Virginia since last night (lite.cnn.com)
How to mentor software engineers (xdg.me)
Show HN: A pure bash web server. No netcat, socat, etc. (github.com/dzove855)
IETF: The HTTP Query Method ( Draft) (www.ietf.org)
Browser fingerprinting using only CSS (csstracking.dev)
Rewriting Libimagequant in Rust for Portability (pngquant.org)
Ask HN: Let's build an HN uBlacklist to improve our Google search results?
Wordle Is a Love Story (www.nytimes.com)
Understanding UUIDs, ULIDs and string representations (sudhir.io)
Programming in 1987 versus Today (ovid.github.io)
SubSync: Subtitle Speech Synchronizer (subsync.online)
NitroPhone 2/Pro with 4.5 years of software updates (www.nitrokey.com)
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